Cyber Sonic Sound Enhancer Hearing Aid

Amplify sounds up to 40 decibels
Weight Less Then 10 grams
6 Volume Levels
Adjust to either ear
Complete 8 Piece Set
The Super Ear Wireless Listening Device is a real breakthrough in sound magnification technology; you'll hear spoken words clearly and distinctly.
Lightweight and compact,it amplifies sounds up to 40 decibels.The compact and discreet Super Ear will pick up the words distinctly.
High-Definition Digital Sound Reproduction
Delivers More Distortion-Free Sound
Quiet Performance with Less Circuit Noise
Increased Sensitivity Equals Better Hearing
More Accurate Sound Reproduction
New Ergonomic Design is More Comfortable
New Design Offers Wind Noise Reduction

Contact: Harun Roshed
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Contact Number : 01618693322
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