Selling my personal desktop computer

I'm selling my PC Case I bought in June 2018 for 20,000 (bought for 40,600) Taka as I'm hoping to buy a new one. I have given specs for the components inside the case in the images below but I'm listing them again by adding additional infos.

1. NZXT S340 Mid Tower Case (White), Strong rolled steel (Purchase Price 6000 Taka)

Has one 120mm NZXT White Fan on the rear and another 120mm NZXT White Fan above pre-installed. Can add 2 120mm/140mm on the front if you want to. Power button stopped working 2 years so I made a custom power button.

3 x 3.5 inch HDD, 2 x 2.5 inch SSD Drive Bays. Form factor(s): Mini-ITX, micro-ATX, ATX. Front Panel: Power, 2 x USB 3, stereo, microphone. Weight: 7.05kg. CPU cooler clearance 161mm. Maximum graphics card length 364mm. Has removable dust filters.

2. Asus Prime B350 Plus AMD Chipset Motherboard with red RGB (Purchased for 9000 Taka)

Installed BIOS 5602. Can support upto 3000 Series Ryzen processors for now. Will also support 4000 and 5000 series with the upcoming AGESA BIOS update.

3. AMD 7th Gen A6-9500 APU (Purchased for 6000 Taka)

2 Cores 2 threads, 3.5GHz Base Clock with 3.8GHz Max Boost Clock. 1 MB L3 Cache and unlocked for overclocking. AM4 CPU Socket, 45-65W TDP. PCIe 3.0x8, DDR4 Memory, 2 memory channels, upto 2400 MHz.

Graphics: Radeon R5 Series with 6 graphics core count. Already tuned up with motherboard for 2048 iGPU VRAM (max) usage. I played almost all games released till 2012/2013 with reasonable FPS with this build.

4. G. Skill Ripjaws 8GB 2400 Mhz with Lifetime Warranty (Purchased for 7800 Taka)

5. Cooler Master, Masterwatt Lite 500W 80% Efficency Gaming Power Supply (Purchased for 4100 Taka)

6. ADATA 120 GB SU650 SATA SSD (Purchased for 3400 Taka)

I warranty claimed this product in 2019/2020 and got a new one. So this SSD is only used for 2 years and is in good condition as you can see by the S.M.A.R.T data below.

7. Toshiba 1TB 7200 RPM SATA HDD (Purchased for 3500 Taka)

Even though used for almost 4 years, S.M.A.R.T. data shows it is in 100% health condition.

8. A4 Tech KR-83 Bangla Black USB Normal Keyboard (Purchased for 500 Taka) & A4 Tech OP-620D USD Optical Mouse (Purchased for 300 Taka)

Also selling them because I really didn't use them. I just bought a Mechanical Keyboard & a Gaming Mouse right after I purchased the case bundle and I checked both Keyboard and Mouse today and they were working fine.

9. Aigo DarkFlash Shadow Pro PWM Aluminum CPU Cooler (Purchased for 2500 Taka)

5 months ago, the stock cooler for the processor died. So I bought this new processor cooler. This is the rainbow RGB cooler you can see in the middle.

I will reset the device before selling. Can install Windows 10 Pro & Microsoft Office 2021 if the buyer wants.

This takes us to the conclusion. With this build, now all you will be needing is a monitor. You can dm/message me or even contact me here:

Buyer can come to my apartment, fully check the case and its components to check validity of the post.

Contact: Zahid Hasan Zidan
Location: Dhaka,Rajarbagh Outer Circular Road
Contact Number : 01731082446
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